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International Airfreight
Date: 21/08/2014

We are sales agent of freight and transportation contracts with many airlines around the world with high flight frequency, high load and going to most parts of the world such as airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Cathy Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, China Airlines, Hong Kong Airways, Nippon Airlines ...
We regularly contact the airlines to track customer shipments through the tracing system. We update the flight itinerary for visitors continuously and timely.

Products include:

  • Analysis of rates and international freight quotes
  • Airline Preferences
  • Transportation from airport to airport
  • Transportation from the airport to the warehouse
  • Transportation from the warehouse to the airport
  • Shipping from warehouse to warehouse
  • Shipping courier consignments in small quantities
  • Packing and fumigation services

Transportation of goods exported to countries around the world, and imports of VN.
As a freight sales agent for many airlines, flexible rates to meet lots of customer needs. Our orientation is always improving the quality of services that give customers more choices in the market with competitive cost and guaranteed schedule.

For more details please contact us by phone: 08.62811168  for advice. With many years of experience in the field of freight forwarding, we will offer advice, practical and effective solutions, providing the best quality of service.