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E-customs procedures for export and import
Date: 25/08/2014

The Ministry of Finance has issued Circular on e-customs procedures for export and import trade, with effect from 04.01.2014.

Circular on e-customs procedures for: Goods exported and imported under the contract of sale of goods; Goods exported and imported to perform processing contracts with foreign traders; Goods exported and imported in the form of raw materials imported for production of exports; Goods exported or imported by export processing enterprises; Goods exported or imported for the implementation of investment projects; Goods traded by mode of temporary import for re-export ...

Digital signatures are used registered nationwide

Circular specify digital signatures used in e-customs procedures of the customs declaration must satisfy the conditions corresponding digital signature digital certificate services organization that provides certification of public or service organization that provides certification of foreign accredited in accordance with Decree 170/2013 / ND-CP provides ...

Before using digital signatures to implement electronic customs procedures, the customs declaration must be signed Registration number with the customs authorities.

Where the customs declaration procedures performed through electronic customs clearance agent or trustee customs export and import the agent customs clearance or trustee must use your account with import and signature of agent customs clearance or trustee.

The customs declaration must register amending and supplementing the digital signature information to the customs authorities in the following cases: the registration information change, renewal of digital certificates, key pairs change, pause digital certificates.

The digital signature of the signed customs declaration is used to implement electronic customs procedures on a national scale.

The time limit for electronic customs declaration

Also as, for export, the customs declaration has been made ​​after gathering sufficient goods in place by the declarer and the latest announcement 8 hours before transport vehicles scene.

For imported goods, the customs declaration is made ​​before the goods arrive at the gate or within 30 days after the goods arrive at the gate.

On the gate of goods for transport case is the date on the stamp of the customs office closed on declaration of the goods (or the manifest) imports at the port of discharge profile vehicles entry load (sea, air, rail) or the date on the declaration of vehicles cross the border or window monitoring transport (waterways, roads). Where entry vehicles electronic customs declaration, the date the goods to the gate shall comply with the regulations on electronic customs clearance for entry vehicles.

     According to The Electronic Industry and Trade, Chinhphu.vn

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