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Miss a minute, silver lost billions because of customs procedures?
Date: 25/08/2014

Time is money, but, with the new regulations in customs procedures will apply from the next quarter, the exporters worried even snore because of the risk of missing the train, delayed shipment, contract penalties bloodstained front.

CongThuong - Recently, on 11/2, the Ministry of Finance sent dispatches to the customs unit, reverse procedure declarations for goods compared with e-customs procedures current. Accordingly, after the fourth day, the exporters will be gathered goods at specified locations, such as seaports, borders, bonded warehouse, warehouse now ... and then as prime open to the customs declaration.

Immediately, this procedure was strictly business barrier fence protest, in which most vocal textile industry.

In a statement signed on 4/3 to the General Department of Customs, May 10 corporations concerned, "very high risk missing vessel, while, the production and export of the company is always in a state of urgency" .

According to analysis of the company May 10, most, textile companies often have just completed, has tested products, both packaged. Enterprise completed a worried face procedures, on the other hand must actively compute the means, avoid maximum risk missing the boat.

With 30% of shipments at Noi Bai border gate, bonded warehouses and courier companies always have open simultaneously declaration, both transportation and delivery of documents to the new transport timely delivery to customers .

Currently, an order of May 10 is usually produced in many different firms, in different provinces. Typically, the number of rows will be shipped directly to the port to save time costs. But with the new regulations, all shipments will be transported to a central collection location as prescribed.

May 10 fret Company, doing so will incur additional shipping supply lines, waste of time, cost, lifting, loading and unloading ...., the higher the risk of missing the train.

The other unit is JSC Tex-Jiang also have similar worries.

The company shared, we now plays Tien Giang province, from the Port and ICD in HCM City warehouse to 70-80km. If the goods have regrouped to open customs declaration prior to export, we will be incurring additional transit time and other expenses. This means that we must deliver the goods earlier than stipulated time of shipment cutting trough, as such, will reduce labor productivity and production efficiency of the company business.

TEX- Jiang said, adding, for export shipment by air, new customs procedures will very easily lead to slower export documents associated with customer shipments, can now fined and lose credibility.

In addition, specific products ship usually peak around the end of week 2, # 5 and # 6, if they are not actively preclearance would obstruct the procedures for both businesses and customs. Not to mention, transmission and electronic software implementation is not currently active element. When a series of business focused open declaration so that network congestion will become increasingly more and more difficult for the import and export activities of the business.

It is one of the business object to the procedure, Duc Giang Garment Corporation, said that every day, there are dozens of companies in multiple shipments gate, various ports such as Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City , Da Nang, international airports of Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat ... and also there are many different types of produce such as container packing materials, closed container coupled with other businesses, retail delivery, every machine flight and post ...

Therefore, only processes electronic customs procedures as now, businesses are opening and closing declaration of goods, new advantages in the export of goods, avoiding large risk of missing the train .. .

According to the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association, the delivery time is not a small decision to the success or failure of the business. But the new rules will push businesses to the scene to delay delivery for at least 1 train. Then the consequences will be a series of other problems make it difficult for businesses.

Vietnam Textile and Garment Association also stressed that the Ministry of Finance wants to cut the corporate management fraud but ultimately, end up causing difficulty for businesses serious business.

However, according to the General Department of Customs said, because the current regulations should have ventilation phenomena, some business advantage, export control declaration, export goods actually not the right type, quantity such declaration to be entitled to reimbursement ....

Therefore, provisions must gather every first and then open the customs declaration is to prevent such fraud.

according to VEF

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