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Handling problems of customs declaration of goods shipment on line 50
Date: 25/08/2014

In order to handle difficulties of doing business customs clearance for shipments of over 50 product lines in the system VNACCS / VCIS, Ministry of Finance issued Official Letter No. 11 802 / BTC-GDC Day 22/8 / 2014 guidelines Customs Departments of provinces and cities treatments.

Gross declared the goods at the HS line

Accordingly, for lots with more than 50 product lines when making the report on VNACCS System / VCIS customs declaration allows the option to declare the gross flows of the same HS that: The opening gross flows HS code must have the same origin, the same tax rate and gross HS declaration applies to all types of import and export for the production, processing, export production, processing of goods for foreign traders.

When combined report for HS system VNACCS / VCIS, the declaration criteria "value billing" of gross flows HS is the total value of the invoice items have included; targets "dutiable value" of gross flows HS is the total taxable value of the items were included; target "number" of gross flows HS is the total number of items were included; not open in the target unit "single invoice price".

For the type of goods imported for manufacture, import export production, the customs declaration must declare the value declaration in the form prescribed in Decision No. 30/2008 / QD-BTC dated 21/5/2008 of the Ministry Finance (except the object declaration is not worth as prescribed in Circular No. 182/2012 / TT-BTC dated 25.10.2012 of the Ministry of Finance).

In case of imports has adjusted amounts and the customs declaration to declare the distribution system automatically adjusted terms, automatically calculating taxable value, the gross flows out of HS codes must be assigned complementary and adjustments.

Use a payment order

On problems related to the businesses to make more detailed credential / certificate to the budget to pay for the return shipment of more than 50 product lines, the Ministry of Finance to businesses selected using a payment order / payment order (for the case of a transfer) or the declaration of a paper payment (for cases filed in cash) to pay for one or more of the customs declaration form.

Credit institutions or State treasuries to directly collect money, deduct money from the taxpayer's account will lookup information in the database of electronic portal customs, updated information on the remaining paper money paid to the government to collect the money, transfer money to each declaration that the taxpayer has to declare.

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