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Dealing with serious illegal behavior leads to complaints and denunciations
Date: 25/08/2014

GDC has just sent the text or attached units to enhance work efficiency settling complaints and denunciations, receiving citizens, including enhancing the role of heads of agencies and units; strictly punish illegal behavior leads to complaints and denunciations.

Accordingly, General requirements for the organizational unit officers, government officials and researchers to correctly apply the provisions of the Law on Complaints and Denunciation Law, Law Next citizens. At the same time strengthen coordination with concerned residents and organizations in the area to promote and disseminate among the people and businesses in order to raise the awareness of law on complaints and denunciations.

GDC also require redress and remedy shortcomings in the work of the people, solving complaints and denunciations. Enhance the role of the head of the agency unit. Determine the settlement of complaints and denunciations and citizens is an important political task, often urgent and long term.

Results settle complaints and denunciations are considered a key criteria for evaluating the capacity, effectiveness of the heads and officers, responsible officers involved.

The unit will focus on solving complaints and denunciations from the base, the lowest limit status of complaints and denunciations exceed levels in the public upset people.

Clearly define responsibilities and severely dealt with officials and civil servants, leaders issued the relevant administrative decisions or administrative acts contrary to law arising lead to complaints and denunciations. Personnel assigned to work on this, but do not all lead to civil liability for violations of procedures, order processing time of the incident will be disciplined administratively, depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation.

Strict implementation mode of citizens to arrange a reasonable time for the direct encounter, dialogue and listening to people's opinions. Fully consider the legal aspects and practical solutions to reason and love and feasible, terminate the complaint.

GDC also assigned specific responsibilities of units in the classification, processing, aggregate reporting of complaints and denunciations in the industry.

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