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United States Customs entry procedures faster thanks to new app
Date: 25/08/2014

Customs Agency and Border Protection United States (CBP) has announced the commencement of a new application to help accelerate the procedures and entry into this country.

Applications mobile passport control (MPC) will allow passengers to submit appropriate information in the passport and customs declaration via smartphone or tablet prior to the test site CBP.

This is the first application of new technologies by firms Council Airside Mobile and international airports - North America (ACI-NA) coordinate with CBP created within the framework of a pilot program at international airports Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta.

Partnership relationship between CBP and ACI-NA is a model of cooperation between a government agency and a company of the industry to find solutions and smart savings.

Starting on 13/8, passenger entry at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport can use this application. CBP also hope in the future, this application will be deployed at other airports later this year and also the smart devices running on the Android platform will also use this application.

R. Gil Kerlikowske his followers - CBP Commissioner, the agency will continue to support programs that passenger entry through new approaches, innovative procedures to expedite entry into the United States that still maintain the highest safety standards.

The put to use application that allows CBP MPC reap another success after using the kiosk model passport control at the airport automation (APC). APC has reduced the waiting time at the counters of the CBP inspection from 25% to 40%.

MPC is applied to the passenger's American citizenship and immigration Canada into the United States. Like APC, the application is free to use, does not require prior approval and will not require personal information to passengers.

With the application of new technologies, the waiting time of customs procedures significantly decreased mean that passengers and CBP save a financial contribution.

To declare to CBP, MPC users need to perform 5 steps: Download MPC applications from Apple's App Store on personal devices; create a profile according to information on the passport; complete declaration "new journey" before entering the United States; submit customs declarations through application to receive electronic receipts with a quick response code (QR). QR codes are valid only for 4 hours after being issued. Finally, when the passenger to the gate, they just need to present personal devices (tablet / smartphone) with receipts reception QR code for CBP inspection staff.

In fact, the MPC is only part of the strategy to maximize resources to transform CBP border management approach road, sea and air of this agency.

At the end of 2013, CBP deployed APC program and has used the same APC at 22 airports declaration form I-94. CBP also apply trusted passenger programs like Global Entry, NEXUS and SENTRI with over 2 million members. These programs allow CBP procedures for passenger entry and exit safely, economically and efficiently while ensuring the security standards.

(Source CBP Ky USCBP)

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