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The World Customs Organization published guidelines for measuring contract performance
Date: 25/08/2014

In order to meet the needs of performance evaluation as well as the satisfaction level of customers (the business community and society), the World Customs Organization (WCO) has released a new document called "Why and how to evaluate the contract performance measurement "(PMC guide WCO).

With the changes of international trade, the complexity of the activities of smuggling and trade fraud and renewal requirements of the customs authorities, the uniform application and harmonization of regulatory procedures, monitoring commercial activities become difficult. WCO set of tools available in the documents (package) guidelines to create favorable conditions for its members in the implementation process.

To assist customs authorities to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of management, WCO stressed the importance of research tools release time (TRS) and use performance measurement contract work between the Director General of Customs and customs officers working directly at the border. This tool supports the collection of tax, trade facilitation and customs integrity.

WCO Guidelines PMC method improvements related to border control, use data extracted from the system of customs offices, and measuring contract performance measurement between the Director General of Customs and customs officers working directly at the point of customs clearance.

To the present time, many countries have customs successfully applied measurement mechanisms work effectively through leadership commitment between customs authorities and customs agents. This commitment helps to identify gaps in all aspects such as human resources, finance, facilities ... affect the inspection and supervision. Overcome the deficiencies that will help customs authorities to achieve the operational objectives such as tax collection and trade facilitation.

Cameroon's Customs organization at the forefront of this process with the customs reform program since 2007 by Cameroon Customs reform started by the application of an automated system for customs clearance of goods as well as management reviews Research on the implementation of the reform measure. For the customs officers, they signed the contract to measure and evaluate the results of their work. In just a short time after the PMC, Cameroon Customs has made remarkable achievements in tax collection, reduce the number of complaints about the customs administration as well as the number of violations of customs officials. PMC also be applied in Togo and Liberia.

With the issuance of guidelines for performance measurement, the WCO is the purpose of making the measure of consistency, clarification environment affecting customs operations, and particularly towards the uniform application of this technique in the management of the customs office members.

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